Terry Hickey, the owner of Kicking Horse Technologies has been a resident of Golden since the early 90's. His interest in computers and online communications go back to the late 80's.

Terry's first sojourn into the online publishing world was with a "BBS" (Online Bulletin Board) he called "Bits & Bytes PowerBBS" in 1993. 

Terry was instrumental in bringing the Internet to Golden and the whole Columbia Valley in 1995. His first commercial Web Page also went online in 1995.

Terry's passion for learning new things and pushing the borders of knowledge led him to learn the technical aspects of computers and the Internet. Linux server administration, Windows PC repair and support all went hand in hand with creative design.

In 1999, when broadband Internet access was either not available or too expensive, Terry focused on the new fixed wireless technologies. He helped design and maintain a mountaintop tower system stretching from Golden to Cranbrook. His dedication to his customers meant many late nights and early mornings trudging through the snow to ensure access.

In 2010, Terry formed Kicking Horse Technologies to get back to his love of Web Design and helping people. Terry can help you have the Web Site you have been dreaming of. He will help you with the design and maintenance of your new or existing website. 

Many years of online computer support have given Terry the patience to help you make sense of the cryptic error messages computers give you.

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Terry Hickey

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